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Temanku Orang Cina di Kalbar – My Chinese Friend in West Kalimantan

Author: Yusriadi, Siti Muslikhah, Siti Fatimah,Al-Dhila Izzati, Sumama, Putri Ramadhani,Rahmat, Umi Ani Jusida, Yuyun Naifular, Fitri Sari, Farninda Aditya, and Zainal Aripin.

Temanku Orang Cina di Kalbar (My Chinese Friend in West Kalimantan) is the book about the Chinese community that live in the West Kalimantan.This book were written by the 12 writers from writing team of Islamic Institute of Pontianak State in West Kalimatan. It has been published on April 2015.

In summary,the term of  ‘Cina’ was still be use intentionally because it was the basically term that used by all community and race that lived in West Kalimantan.However,the term of ‘Tionghua’ was rarely used by the community.It sound slightly weird to be used as it not the common words to be heard by the community nowsdays.In addition,there was a negative effect that might be seen if the term ‘Cina’ be use in the written.Yet,the reader should be remind they had to be open minded with the term and think out of the box.That negative effect will only pop out from certain people that purposely want to crushed the Malay,Chinese and other races.In fact,the writer want to narrate and tell the reader about the uses of term ‘Cina’ that should be use in their daily routine life with more positive effect  instead of the negative one.In result,they were suggested to live with full of united passion instead of discrimination. (*)



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